Cosmojetz is the last, and final item from the series of five products using the gearbox with a single spinning off-center weight. The idea here is to have an absolutely out of control creature, short circuited, disoriented, but, having a lot of fun in the process. Since the person who created Cosmojetz has severe ADD, perhaps we're dealing with a self-portrait situation here. Cosmojetz is a little hard to wind-up for mechanical/physiological reasons, but it is worth the effort once you see it catapulting itself weightlessly, and fearlessly across your table. Body and key colors are assorted, we pick color based on availability. Made of stainless steel with plastic feet.

Cosmojetz Wind-Up | Kikkerland

SKU: 115393

    Fiddle Sticks Toys at Children's Museum Houston

    1500 Binz St.

    Houston, TX 77004



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