Toy smith's mission is to supply quality toys and gifts while delivering superior customer service with the core belief that children learn through play. With the robot Dragon kit you can build your own robot Dragon that crawls across the floor opening and closing its fiery jaws. Bring this fantastic creature to life while learning mechanical engineering in a fun, recreational way. This fun mechanics kit makes a great science project. The Dragon robot kit from Toy Smith requires two AA batteries and a Phillips head screwdriver (not included.) This item is recommended for ages eight years and up.

Dragon Robot

SKU: 114729
  • 9.25x6.5x2.25 inches

  • Jacob - Maker Education Manager


    You're looking for a robotics kit. Well, you could go with a robot that isn't a dragon, and it will probably be pretty cool. But it won't be a dragon robot. THIS kit IS a dragon robot. So you should probably choose it. Because-it is a robot, but it is also a dragon.

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