Scientific Explorer forensic science kit lets a junior CSI investigator unlock the secret world of solving crimes. Learn how to investigate like a true crime lab. Follow clues, gather evidence, match fingerprints, DNA and decode messages. While you are busy solving exciting mysteries, you will also be learning the science behind forensics and real-life detective work. Forensic Science for Spies Detective Activity Kit from Educational Toys Planet includes 12 suspect cards, For Adults Only guide and envelope, 3D glasses, treasure map, footprint map, 6 PH paper strips, Susannah’s baking soda, Susannah’s flour, cylinder with cap, test tube with cap, coffee filter, 3 blank strips, rubber band, 3 paper cups, 2 markers, 3 stir sticks and Activity Guide.

Forensic Science for Spies

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  • 12x8x2 inches