This listing is not for a physical item.


Would you like to send your purchase in style? Let us do the work for you! 



  • 1 wrapped item
  • 1  Bow
  • 1 Children's Museum Houston Card and Envelope


How to: Add this option for each item that you want to be wrapped. If you are ordering multiple items and would like different styles and/or colors, add the wrapping option one at a time.


Example: You would like to purchase 3 items, each to be wrapped individually and want 2 with the same style and 1 with style. 


Step 1.

Add the 3 items you would like to gift.


Step 2. 

For the 2 that you would like to have matching wrapping paper and bow, select your desired paper and then your desired bow. Next you'll add the desired quanity of 2 and add to your cart.


Step 3.

For the last gift, add your choices of paper and bow and then add it to your cart.


Upon completion, you should have the 3 gifts and 3 wrapping options in your cart and ready for payment. 


If you need assitance, or have questions feel free to email us at



If you would like to send your order directly to the recipient, please leave your desired message in a note on your order. 



Gift Wrapping