The purpose of the Magnificent Math Moments is to give parents ideas of activities to try at home that encourage the development of mathematical skills and concepts. The activities use templates included in this book plus other materials parents may find around the house. All are open-ended so they can be modified to keep the experience fresh, challenging and enjoyable. 


Each activity focuses on at least one of the five content strands and one of the five process strands as identified by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Through these activities, children develop and practice numerical, computational and conceptual mathematical literacy. The activities are designed to demonstrate how mathematics relates to daily life through games, activities and puzzle and, while developmentally appropriate for children age four to eight years, they can be used by the whole family in a family learning environment.

  • 25 Family Learning Activities developed by educators at Children's Museum Houston.
  • Easy to follow lesson plans with follow up questions and additional learning techniques to assist parents with faciliation.
  • Designed for children ages 4-8
  • Features English & Spanish
  • TEKS standards provided

Magnificent Math Moments Volume 2 Ages 4-8

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