Kids learn about life cycles and decomposition, then use the included journal to create an imaginative plan for an invention that recycles or reuses landfill! This Nancy B's Science Club set includes a clear compost container with 2 compartments and a removable divider, two 3x magnifiers, 2 write-on/wipe-off boards, and a lid with air holes as well as a 22-page activity journal packed with experiments and fun-facts, creative writing and drawing prompts, and more. Perfect for science fair projects and STEM learning.


Ages 8+

Nancy B Compost Kit

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  • John - Genius Station Geek


    Help planet Earth by learning how to reduce your garbage and waste through composting with Nancy B’s Compost Kit! While testing different materials, like a plastic bottle versus an apple, the 2-sided compost container is the perfect tool to observe and compare which is more biodegradable. This kit also comes with a Decomposition Book to test different experiments and record your results!

  • 10.3 x 9.1 x 4.8 inches