Bright Stripes Toys brings you our String Art Pictures sewing craft kit. The Busy Garden String Art Pictures is a modern twist on a classic lacing activity. String and lace silly garden scenes on 4 garden themed lacing boards to color in pictures featuring an ladybug, flowers, bee, and butterfly! A great introduction to lacing and sewing, this string art activity allows children to connect the dots with yarn, then add glittery foam stickers for that wow factor! For kids 4 and up, this lacing activity is great for developing manual dexterity and fine motor skills. Bright Stripes strives to be an authentic, playful voice with a design-driven perspective in the world of kid’s crafts and creative children’s activities. Bright Stripes creates high-quality products that merge bold, modern artwork with classic play patterns.

String Art Pictures - Jungle | Bright Stripes

SKU: 116314
  • 1 lb.

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