BEST SELLER! Buddy is a 12″ dog with a lopsided grin and floppy brown ears – and made out of the softest microfiber around! Check out his spiffy red collar, too! Labeled machine wash, air dry.


  • Huggable Buddy Dog measures 12" long
  • Provides tactile and visual stimulation for your baby
  • Taggies are adorned with patented looped ribbon tags that babies love to explore and rub
  • Made with ultra-soft microfiber fabric, machine washable in mesh laundry bag on gentle cycle, air dry
  • Precious toy is made to be baby-safe, with no pesticides or toxic chemicals


Buddy is an adorable 12" dog with a spiffy red collar, lopsided grin and floppy brown ears - and made of the softest microfiber around. Like all TAGGIES friends, Buddy comes with  the patented looped ribbon tags that babies love to explore and rub. Mary Meyer has been making sustainable choices for years. It's been a natural way for our family to run a business in Vermont. As a company, Mary Meyer has always chosen to operate in ways that embrace and support our employees and their families whenever we can. Giving back to surrounding communities here in Vermont has been a way of doing business by doing good for those we work with. Today, we know our footprint goes well beyond our employees and neighbors. The choices we make, from how we design our toys to how we package and ship them, impacts all of us. Our intention is to set a course for a more sustainable future. One that innovates with new materials, minimizes waste, and recycles and maximizes use of recycled materials.


Approx Weight

4.41 ounces

Taggies Buddy Dog | Mary Meyer

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