The Science of music is a DIY project for kids 8+. the kit comes with die cut Cardboard pieces that can be assembled to form the body of the guitar. There is an electronics module that houses the main electronics, The batteries, and the speaker. The touch points on the guitar (strings, frets, controls, etc.) are comprised of pre-cut conductive tape (strips or circles) with adhesive backing. The user will remove the backing from the adhesive pads and install them in the proper locations. The main electronics module has an assortment of wires that the user will assemble onto the touch points in order to complete the necessary electrical circuits. These wires may be held in place by additional adhesive strips and circles. The locations for each of the strips and circles will be pre-printed onto the cardboard to facilitate an easy and rewarding assembly of the guitar.


Ages 8+

The Science of Music

SKU: 114954
  • 10 x 2.8 x 12 inches

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