Snap Circuits Snapino
Snap Circuits Snapino
Snap Circuits Snapino
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Snap Circuits Snapino

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Snapino is an introduction to the open source Arduino hardware-software coding environment embraced by the Maker community worldwide. Arduino is the most popular micro controller used by makers and do-it-yourselfers to make and do. Snap Circuits are easy to use and the large format component modules are easy to handle and make prototyping circuit designs a snap! No need for bread boarding since Snap Circuits snap together and Snapino shares the same functionality as all other Arduino compatible boards, shields and components. Snapino is compatible with Snap Circuits and can function with all of your current and future Snap Circuits sets. 20 Snapino sketches (programs) already written for operating the 14 included parts. Additionally, you will find sketches written for Snapino and other kits so you can keep your Snap Circuit fun going. Included in this kit: 1 Arduino UNO compatible Snapino module - 6 Snap Circuits modules - 3 snap wires - 1 snap jumper wire - 1 snap out pin wire - 1 USB cable - 1 9 volt battery holder - 1 manual. Perfect for future engineers ages 12 and up. 9 volt battery needed but not included. You will need to download the Arduino application from Arduino's own website and you can download Snapino sketches (programs) from the Elenco website.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester