Making the Kit!

by Lino Rallo on June 24, 2021

Boredom Busters - S.T.E.A.M Kits


Boredom Busters STEAM Kit is the fourth installment of Children's Museum Houston's Epic Adventure Kit Series. This time, our goal is to fill your spring holidays with illuminating exploration. With so much of school and learning being online, we want to give kids a break from screens while learning valuable concepts in a fun and hands-on way. You have the option to plug in and watch helpful videos or use the detailed instructions (available in English and Spanish) provided in the kit. We spent months deciding the best activities that would not only inspire creativity, but also sneak in a bit of learning as well. This time, we have covered every letter of STEAM with additional bonus activities that you can do with common objects found around your home.


Boredom Busters STEAM Kit Activities:

  • Science Camera Obscura – Discover the ancient wonders of the cool optical illusion.

  • Technology Fabric Circuits – Craft your own light-up art piece using conductive thread.

  • Engineering DIY Skatepark – Transform your kit into an XTREME skatepark to ride your mini-finger skateboard.

  • Art UV Beads - Observe the power of the sun with your own keepsake accessory.

  • Math Capture the Pi(e) – Celebrate Pi Day with a game and make a delicious pudding pie!

  • Bonus! Rainbow glasses, a bonus activity sheet with three STEAM Break Boredom Buster Fitness Activities and a quick and easy pie recipe.

Each kit is created in house and the content is designed by our education team and with the combined efforts from retail, outreach logistics, PR and marketing as well as fabrication, a completed kit is packaged and ready to go. Our goal is to send a little piece of CMH magic to homes all over the country by creating a family friendly product that a diverse range of children can enjoy. We include supplies for multiple children so that families (even adults) can work together or a child working alone can have an extra set of materials for errors and further exploration. This has been an amazing learning experience for CMH as we deeply miss seeing the thousands of families that typically walk through our doors and transitioning into walking into your homes.


Here is a sneak peak at how our kits are made:

This go round, Danni Dancer "Kidtropolis Eductator", was the lead educator for our spring break themed kit. Our Kidtropolis exhibit is one of our most popular and it typically sees kids from as young as two to pre-teens and no matter the age, you are guaranteed to find something you enjoy in Kidtropolis.


Check out the fabrication shop!


The same space that is used to make our exhibits come to life, is used to fabricate pieces for the kit.

Sanae Martin from our fabrication team is busy laser printing the Camera Obscura pieces.

  Brizeira Perez is adding the final touches after tackling the logistics of supply ordering and assembling.

Leticia Luna always knows how to get the shot! Did you see an ad or maybe a cool Instagram post? That's Leti too!


Models: Romelie and Corie

The moment you all finally get your hands on a little piece of CMH. Seeing your smiling faces makes it all worth it.

Thank you for your continued support.