This exhibit is currently closed. The Museum is committed to extensive cleaning and safety protocols and will re-open the exhibit at the appropriate time.

Time to harness up and hook-in to a multi-obstacle ropes course. First, conquer the Cargo Net, prevail against the Rope Bridge, and beat the Burma Buckets. Then, choose your path – either leap across 30 feet of Lily Pads OR climb over the Kelp Walk and put the brakes to the Rolling Log. Finish the Challenge Course by surmounting the Swinging Steps. The challenge is waiting for you!

The Challenge Course is a popular destination.  Due to the amount of time it can take to complete the course, the number of kids able to participate each hour may be limited.

This exhibit has specific Guidelines and Requirements regarding clothing and physical readiness.


The Challenge Course is a low ropes obstacle course made specifically for kids. It provides them with physical challenges that work on balance, strength, and endurance. It also affords an opportunity for them to push themselves to take on new challenges and risks while remaining safe in a harness.

Due to the amount of time it takes to complete the Challenge Course, groups of 10 or more must have a reservation to participate. Please contact Lydia Dungus at ldungus@cmhouston.org for more details.